Welcome to the accuPAID.com™ Point Of Sale Systems website.

We provide innovative payment systems integration consultation and solutions for the hardware/software needed for your hospitality or retail/wholesale business. Tying in your front-end sales/service platform with your back-end/office management systems.

We are proud to offer accuPAID.com™ Point Of Sale multi-terminal software platform along with our OEM POS hardware systems as a fully integrated POS solution. We also vend and integrate partner software solutions so if a particular platform is a fit for your business we can recommend and help you with your chosen solution from our partner offerings. We build the touch screen workstations/servers and integrate everything onsite and train/support you--giving you a support relationship in addition to the software platform provider.

We also perform equipment deployment and software development/integration and support for many third party POS platforms including; Micros, Aloha, Digital Dinning, Positouch, Aldelo, NextPOS, Restaurant Manager, Maitre'D, Squirrel, Sharp, PixelPoint, Restaurant Pro Express, VersiTouch RCS, Abacre, DinnerWare, and many others. Do you need a new Micros or Aloha touch terminal or server? Do you need printers or is your system slowing or crashing? We solve these problems economically and get your system performing as it should. We have been servicing many existing third party installations for customers on a variety of platforms for over 18 years.

There are many benefits of receiving support from a provider that has had the experience of integrating many different platform brands besides their own. We are not single solution providers--we have worked with most of the POS platforms out in the field and we solve problems much faster than the average in-house IT tech employee that only works on one platform such as Micros or Aloha.

Are you buying a business with an existing POS system and want it tuned to your needs/business? We can help. On any given week we have many complete used POS packages in our warehouse on refurbish rotation... along with a variety of individual components and peripherals. Call us we will have what you need for your POS platform.

Whatever your business computational needs, we can provide intelligent and powerful solutions faster and more economically with more attention to detail than our competitors or other vendors.

We are a value proposition and concentrate on saving/making you more than our services/sytems cost in the short and long term. Our focus is always on helping our clients improve their bottom line and enhancing performance. We are a continuing partner to all our clients and offer a "one call hotline access" relationship and warranty.